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Industrial and Commercial Air Curtains
By David M Wood    4.5/5
Buy the best air curtain fan devices. We sell industrial and commercial air curtains in stackable sizes. Our air curtains come in 36 inch, 48 inch, and 60 inch size. An air curtain has several applications in HVAC and ventilation. Air curtains fans are used for: industrial drying purposes, food industry, restaurants, hotels, laboratory, commercial, and any place where an air barrier is desired. Air curtains also allow for two different temperatures and air pressures to be kept apart from two distinct spaces or rooms. Air curtains can be used with air conditioning systems as air doors. Our air curtains are ASHRAE, AMCO, UL, and IVS approved. We also sell door air curtains, heated air curtains, leading edge air curtains, entrance air curtains, dock door air curtains, garage door air curtains, kitchen door air curtains, overhead air curtains, and diffusion over door air curtains, commercial plastic door air curtains.
Buy the best fan accessories for exhaust fans here. We sell fan shutters, fan hoods, fan doors, fan guards, and roof fan curbs. Protect your investment by placing guards and shutters on your ventilation fan, or by placing and external fan hood for rain protection. We also sell intake or exhaust powered fan shutters which allow for open or closed air flow to your ventilation fan. Powered air shutters are recommended for extreme weather where a closed shutter must resist winds and gust. We offer ready to install roof curbs for many standard roof fan sizes. Roof fan curbs are available for different roof types and styles. We offer roof fan curbs for slopes, ridges, or flat roofs. These roof fan curbs facilitate installation for roof fans, or roof ventilation equipment. Fan accessories are OSHA, ASHRAE, AMCO, UL, and IVS approved.
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